The ‘Wodnik’ (Polish for ‘aquarius’) Hotel is situated in the very heart of Wrocław, right on the bank of the river Odra. Though it is only a few kilometres away from the very city centre, you will not feel the city hustle and bustle here. Our marina contributes  to the charm of this place.

The unique atmosphere of the restaurant on the hotel’s first floor overlooking the river bank makes every moment you spend here feel special. Tradition and elegance are intertwined here: beautiful interior designed in Dutch style, sophisticated cuisine, helpful and attentive staff ensure unforgettable atmosphere of every party.


The restaurant originated from the combination of its Chef’s Robert Woźniak’s passion for cooking and the seaside climate distinctly perceptible in the surroundings of The Wodnik Hotel.

The menu has been created with the singular intent to provide healthy cuisine based solely on natural ingredients and home-made products. All the dishes we serve are unique combinations of fresh fish and superb spices creating unforgettable tastes.

In the smokehouse our Chef prepares a variety of fish with the addition of carefully selected spices from all over the world that will surprise and charm even the most discerning palate. The daily fresh baked bread made of the highest quality flour with interesting  additions emphasises the exceptional image of our restaurant. The herbs we add to our dishes are grown in our garden with the utmost care to ensure fresh and exceptional aromas of the meals we serve.